President Richard Nixon

Although ChapStick is made for chapped lips, it has also saved lives. In 2005, there was a gunfight in Brooklyn, NY outside of a man's office. A bullet from the fight made its way through the window right where the man was standing; but the man had stooped down to pick up his ChapStick that he had dropped and avoided the bullet. He was supplied with a lifetime supply of ChapStick from Wyeth.

At the University of Colorado the "ChapStick amendment" was put in to place as a budget cut because approximately $7,500 was being spent on ChapStick in student care packages.

Guitarist Steve Cropper uses ChapStick on new sets of strings to break them in.

ChapStick can be used on bushy out of control eyebrows, and to sooth raw noses during Winter.

ChapStick has a warning that says "keep out of eyes" which may seem strange due to the fact it is a lip balm.

In 2006, ChapStick was banned for a short time in airlines, but was eventually allowed again in small bags.The banning was after British police arrested men who had intended to destroy airplanes headed to the United States.

ChapStick is a popular item among care packages sent to troops overseas. Troops request ChapStick along with many other basic items like hygienic products and snacks. Not only do families and local organizations ship large care packages that include ChapStick,but one year CVS collected over 1,000 tubes to send to troops. One Ft. Lauderdale woman went out of her way to send care packages to orphaned troops, and they as well contained ChapStick.

ChapStick tubes were used to hide microphones in the Water Scandal.