Flava Craze




Sun Care

  • Classic- The first ChapStick, contains SPF 4 and comes in Original(Black Label), Cherry(Pink), Strawberry(Red), and Spearmint(Green).
  • Sun Care- Contains 30 SPF, over seven times the amount of Classic. Good to protect lips from UVA/UVB rays all year round.
  • Peppermint- Gives a fresh flavor to lips while retaining moisture and a pleasant aroma.
  • Flava Craze- Pack with three containers of different flavors, appeals to a younger generation with candy-like flavors.
  • Pink Ribbon- The fight against breast cancer. ChapStick donates money for the cure based on sales of the product.
  • Overnight Lip Treatment- Applied at night, contains over eight moisturizers. Nourishes and refreshes lips throughout the night.
  • Medicated- For extra chapped lips. Hydrates lips with menthol and phenol.
  • Moisturizer- Contains nearly a dozen moisturizers and also contains SPF 15. Helps chapped lips and then protects.
  • 100% Naturals- 100% natural ingredients. Produced to compete with Eco Lips natural product.
  • Fresh Effects- Over a dozen moisturizers with a citrus flavor. Tingles lips to let the user know it is working
  • True Shimmer- Comes in four flavors with a slight gloss.